Indoor air purification filters

As a part of our efforts towards more production and job creation, our R&D department is collaborating with medical science experts to design and produce multipurpose air purifying filtration systems for use in hospitals, workshops, restaurants, residental and educational environments. In addition to providing better indoor air quality, production of such filtration systems can help improve health and wellbeing in the community while creating more jobs.

The Indoor Air Purification filters produced by Ladan Qazvin Industrial Company are designed with common indoor air pollutants in mind and are capable of removing chemical and biological pollutants, odor and particles.

After passing the F6 dust filters, the polluted air becomes free of any kind of particles (biological and non-biological). The air, still odorous and containing organic molecules, then enters the plasma filter, where negative ions and a small amount of ozone is added to it. Finally, the air is absorbed by activated charcoal and then re-enters the environment clean and without any particles or odor.

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