Air Purifiers

Air pollution is one of the most critical problems of today’s world. The adverse effects of this problem on health are vastly studied and well known. The pollution is known to be more severe in indoor environments than in outdoor environments.

Ladan Qazvin Industrial Company has combined local technical skills with medical science experts to produce multi-stage air purifiers for indoor environments such as homes, offices, hospitals, restaurants, universities and schools, workshops, vehicles and small indoor environments.

The company designs and produces effective air purification systems by precise examination of conditions for each environment. Proper media types are identified for each specific purpose based on the requirements and conditions. These systems bring safety of body and mind to your home or workplace by removing dust, allergens, bacteria, odor and organic compounds from air.

Air purifiers consist of various parts, each of which is responsible for removing part of contaminants from air. Each unit can include one or more of the following mechanisms:

  • Pre-Filter removes large particles, hair and fuzz
  • Plasma Filter performs primary disinfection by electric removal of particles
  • Activated Carbon eliminates odor, smoke and organic compounds
  • HEPA removes allergens
  • Ultraviolet (UV) Light performs final phase of purification by adding negative ions to the air to eliminate microbes, viruses and other microorganisms

Four-stage and two-stage air purification units are undergoing specialized tests in the R&D department of Ladan Qazvin Industrial Company, and will soon be commercially available. These units are designed for small and large work environments and are capable of improving the breathing air quality by removing dust, odor, pathogens and allergens from the air.